How To Make Your Store Sign Stand Out

Did you know? Signage is known as “interior advertising”. A store sign by itself is a great marketing form that you probably don’t care about. FedEx commissioned a survey about store signs. They found out that signage and graphics are the main concern for more than half small business owners worldwide. They all discovered that most of their customers stopped by because of their sign.

BestBuy discovered that 17% of their customers are people who were just passing by, but decided to shop there when they saw the attractive sign !!. the sign alone grabbed leads and converted them to customers. Now imagine people who are actually looking to buy something, what will they do when they see a bright sign calling them in?

Back Then…

You probably started a business some time ago, you set up a sign to display your business name, you looked at it and said: “yeah, that’ll do”. NO! You just wasted your biggest potential. You may not know it but your entire business is represented in that sign. Customers will not just walk in or look at how pretty your wooden door looks, they will look at that sign. And if they don’t like it, then you just lost some money.

Your sign should be clear, beautiful, inviting, and most importantly stand out. The right sign at the right place will make your business rise above your competitors.


  • How can I get a great sign then? What should I do?

The good news is, it is pretty simple and straightforward. Yet many people fail in that aspect because they simply don’t know how important the sign is.

There are many simple tips that you can follow when you want to make a sign for your business, retail store, restaurant, diner, motel, or maybe replace an old sign that just isn’t working anymore


  • Pick a nice, suitable color

Red will always make you think of coca-cola. The yellow arches of McDonald’s will haunt every human to eternity. These big brands managed to use bright, attractive colors to their advantage. And you should do the same. When you are designing a new sign, choose a combination of colors that are good today, and every day after. Don’t just go for trendy colors that might be an eyesore next year.


  • Make it big enough

Your sign has to be visible from far away. Attract those customers walking a block away from you, don’t just wait for them to come close to your business in order to see it. Force your sign in their field of view.

Experts say that every inch in font height will give visibility for up to 10 feet. Then having a 10 inches high font will grab those customers in a 100 feet radius. Choose a suitable font size according to your location. Walk around your store, drive around from a distance and make sure your sign is visible from all angles. If your store is in open area, then you have a big opportunity there. Make the most of it with a bigger sign and bigger font.


  • Be clear about what you do

The worst thing is a customer walking in thinking you are something else, then walks out in disappointment. Represent your business right with a little subtitle under your business name. A sports equipment store opened recently in my area with the name “Energy”. I almost never saw a customer walk in until they changed the sign to “Energy – sports gear”. That little description under the name does all the difference. Unless your business name is already self-explanatory, like “Mary’s Shoes”


  • Don’t lose a single customer

No matter what, your business will be closed for a few hours each week. What makes you think that no potential customers will be passing by in these particular hours?

That’s why you should always include your business contact details on your sign. Your phone number, website URL, and email address should always be there for people to see. You don’t know who might pass by while your business is closed. If you get a call outside your working hours, schedule a meeting, explain the working hours, welcome your customers and tell them you will be waiting for them. People will love you for this.


  • Don’t you ever neglect that sign

Ice flakes and dust can ruin many opportunities for you. Damaged lamps can do worse. Always check your sign for any snapped wires or burned lamps. Clean your sign regularly and never let dust or ice pile up on it. If customers see a dirty sign with dim light they will simply think that you don’t care. And they will move over to another business that cares about its appearance.


  • Is there anything else that I should keep in mind?

Yes, learn about some interesting sign ideas and different signs types. Head over to Store Signs and check out some of the best designs out there.

Need help in choosing? Contact us and we will assist you in every step.

great store sign
great store sign