10 Restaurant Flyer design Ideas to capture more customers

Before we begin, let’s admit the harsh truth. All flyers have a sad ending, the trash can. You should not expect your flyer to last forever. It will always serve a small purpose then fade away. What you can do, though, is to make a flyer serve its purpose in the best way possible. Understand that the lifespan of a flyer is too short, a few weeks maximum. As a business owner, you don’t want to waste money just to spread flyers. You want to make your marketing efforts count.

We have gathered the best tips around to make a perfect restaurant flyer. Applying some of these short tips in your flyer design will definitely prove worthy.

Get your restaurant ready to receive more customers once you use some of these 10 restaurant flyer ideas:

1- use fiery bright colors

Colors are always the eye-catching factor in any design. Use bright colors that evoke enthusiasm and curiosity. Some splashes of Yellow or red here and there can always attract the eye. Make sure to include your most important items in a brightly colored space.

2- use different fonts for different meals

Fonts do not only help in making a text readable, they also add a unique identity to each item. Use different fonts in your special meals. Right the name of a chili meal in a fire-style font. Use a classic font style for old-school dishes like basic burgers and chips. Use 3D letters for new additions, 3D figures help in pointing out novelty. Feel free to experiment with every meal you have. There are hundreds of fonts out there to choose from and customize your own style.

3- choose the right colors palette

don’t just add all the colors you see in one design. Too many colors can hurt the eye and make your flyer unpleasant to look at. Use google search to find color palettes that match and use them in your designs. Leverage the hard work of professional painters, you don’t have to start from scratch in color choice.

4- follow a color scheme that goes with your logo

Pay attention to your logo colors and make sure the logo will look good in the flyer. Choosing a color that is very different from your logo color will make the flyer look inconsistent. Keep it simple and create a “theme” for your flyers. A suitable color scheme that exists in your logo, flyers, business cards, and store sign is the best.

5- keep up with holidays

Is Halloween coming up? Is it Christmas already? Flyers in holiday seasons are the best. Style up your flyer to match the holiday, use the opportunity to promote your dishes. People are always happy to see that businesses care about holidays as much as they do. Creative holidays such as Halloween always make people eager to see what others have prepared. Customers will always check out flyers and posts related to a special day that they love.

Big matches in sports are also a great opportunity to sell those huge family-size meals. People always look for something to eat while watching their favorite team.

6- mind the spaces

Use the wide space in the flyer and never leave an empty spot. Don’t just cram an area of the flyer with stuff and leave other areas with little content. Many flyers fall in the pit of leaving too much space on the sides or in between lines. Empty spaces show people just how little you have.

7- highlight discounts

Flyers have a limited lifespan, and so do offers. Create special flyers for offers and discounts. Add any special offer you have to the forefront of any flyer you are creating. Discounts always sell, so make sure you tell people about them.

In any case, make the discount offer bigger than other items on the flyer. Preferably with a different outline or background. Make it shine more than other items on the flyer in a unique way. But be careful not to create something contradicting to the rest of the flyer. Always follow a consistent color scheme.

8- make it minimalist

Sometimes simpler is better. A simple background with a picture of one item and a clear text under it will always look good. There is a reason why big companies like Apple use minimalist designs in their Ads. sleek minimalist designs are the easy hack to grab customers while looking professional.

9- add value to the flyer

Flyers have a limited time before they die. Use that limited time to turn the flyer into a special discount coupon. Write an engaging text like “holders of this flyer will get a free milkshake on any meal”. If your restaurant expenses do not allow you to give away many milkshakes, you can always take the educational path. Add a simple recipe on the back of the flyer. “10-minute microwave pudding” or “easy peasy dipping sauce recipe”. There are many simple and tasty recipes out there that people are looking for. Be a source for easy cooking tips and people will love you for it.

10- follow the weather channel

Weather changes are always the best tool for selling almost anything. Leverage the power of mother nature to promote your items. Create a big, colorful flyer for cold drinks and ice cream in summer. Use warm colors in winter to promote hot meals and special stews. Big restaurants often add steam to their pictures in winter to give customers the feeling of “this meal will warm you up in the cold days”. And yes, customers buy food in winter of they think it will warm them up!. The idea here is to relate to customers needs. People always consider the weather in every choice they make. Even food. Try to promote meals that help in curing flu in winter or keep you cool in summer.

Flyer Design and printing is a real science

Creating a pretty, exciting, and engaging design can be a real challenge. The options are too many to choose from. But limiting yourself to the most important tips that suit your industry is always profitable.

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