Illuminated channel lettersIlluminated channel letters

Illuminated Channel Letters

Our custom lit signs will make you visible 24/7. Even when you are closed!• Custom Size, Shapes, & Colors

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Illuminated Channel Letters

Take your branding to the next level by using specifically tailored illuminated channel letters. Channel letters are the ultimate form of signs and it works best with reputable firms and large stores. But that does not mean you can’t have them on your small business or restaurant. Here at Budget Marketing Solutions, we care about presenting your business in the most professional way possible. And having a sign that shows professionalism and quality is the first step.

Illuminated Channel Letters are the perfect option for every type of business. They stand out on the morning and light up at night. Studies have shown that the right Illuminated Channel Letters sign can actually attract potential clients. Because Channel Letters speak quality.

The type of illumination can differ according to your needs, we will help you select the best style according to your logo and colors. Express yourself and your business using only a luxurious sign, choose either the backlit, the front lit, front and back lit, or front and side lit channel letters.

Confused? here is what they are:

Backlit Channel Letters sign

Burberry is a clothing brand aimed at the high class individuals who appreciate simplicity and luxury. This store sign is the best example of backlit channel letters. A simple dark metal finish letters with an LED white light from the background striking the perfect balance between elegant, luxurious, and classy. The letters material can be changed according to your store’s needs and your brand color. The background color is chosen carefully to perfectly match the letters color and material. The background LED color can be changed to best present your brand. Do you want your sign to appear classy, unique, funky, modern, or simply just striking? we can do it all.

Front Lit Channel Letters sign

illuminated front lit channel letters

The basic and most common form of illuminated channel letters is the front lit channel letters. But that does not mean they are bad! The reason behind their popularity is their professional appearance. Front lit channel letters are straightforward professional branding that most banks and legal firms use. Front lit channel letters are easy to read, modern, and overall stylish. Think of them as the formal suit in the world of signs. The letter sides are dark so and non-transparent to prevent lights from leaking. The front is where the light comes out. And of course, the color of the front plastic material can be changed to match your brand and logo.

Front and Back lit channel letters

front and back lit illuminated channel letters

Wanna take this a step further? how about a combo of both front and back lit channel letters? Get this extremely modern and stylish sign from Budget Marketing Solutions. Customize the front lights and back lights, along with the material color. This front and back lit combo is the eye catcher of signs. Your business will stand out 100% more when you use this double lighting method.

Front and side lit channel letters sign

front and side lit illuminated channel letters sign

Launch your business directly into the world of extreme glamor using that simple front and side lit channel letters sign. The simple holes on the sides of each letter gives a diamond-like appearance to your business sign. This type of signs is especially suitable for beauty saloons and cosmetics stores.

Still wondering? place an order now and get help from a professional here at BMS. We will help you choose the correct sign and set up your business branding correctly.


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