the best Dimensional letters in Minnesota by BMSthe best Dimensional letters in Minnesota by BMS

Dimensional Letters

When you demand quality that stands the test of time, trust BMS to deliver. Whether for interior or exterior purposes, you’ll appreciate the durability and guaranteed finishes that don’t chip, crack, fade or discolor.

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Two dimensional graphics and prints are cool, nobody can deny that, but if you can take your sign to the next level of professionalism then why not?. Dimensional Letters are the new popular signage for almost any business type. Graphics have improved and not just the ones on screens. The same is true of signage. Sure, there will always be need for classic signs on a two-dimensional board, but sometimes you have too much to say for simply two dimensions. Sometimes you need to express your brand visually and not just by simple words. Sometimes the way your sign looks is more important than the name or the services listed underneath. And for that, you must get dimensional letters.

Budget Marketing Solutions Minnesota Dimensional Letters

A Few number of businesses use dimensional letters for all their signage and announcements. You can do that But dimensional letters are especially useful when they’re spelling out something important. And what is more important than your business name? Two dimensions graphics are good for announcing a discount, pointing your customers to the restroom, or a “coming soon” sign. But your brand name, sitting behind the reception desk or outdoor on your sign must be special.

Dimensional letters express so much more than whatever the words or names they happen to be displaying. They communicate the professionalism and authenticity of your business. They tell your customer that your business has proved history, market power, quality, durability, and success stories.

Dimensional letters can be fun too. Yes the metal surface and the shiny wood 3D parts can express your business authority. But Dimensional letters can be pretty much whatever you want them to be. The key lies in selecting the right material that best suits your business. Here at Budget Marketing Solutions Minnesota, we have a wide selection of materials. Ranging from light weight foam, Acrylic, and reflective plastic, to Bronze surface, metal finish, and classy hard wood.

At Budget Marketing Solutions, we use ultra high precision machines to cut and shape the letters and create any logo or letter style. We can also create custom designs and shapes for your business. All colors of materials are available. And, if you are not sure, we can help you select the right material and color the suit your business and match your sign background.


You can install Budget Marketing Solutions letters on virtually any wall surface including interior office drywall, brick wall, exterior brick, stone, metal siding, marble, or even wood. You can even install the letters on thin metal bars with no background to give a transparent background look. You can choose to install the letters directly on the surface or use screw extenders to create a drop shadow effect behind the letters. At BMS Minnesota, we design our letters to suit any installation situation. We have professional workers to install your sign for you. Just click on “Request a Quote” and tell us what you need, we will be in touch shortly.


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